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My name is Elizabeth Grice, and I am the music teacher at London Elementary. I graduated in 2019 from Harding University with a degree in Vocal Music Education. I have a passion for teaching, and if I wasn’t teaching music, I would find something else to teach! I believe that music class can not only instill a passion for music in our students, but can give students skills that will help them well past the one hour they are with me, such as: teamwork, listening skills, hard work, intrinsic motivation, and satisfaction from a job well done. I love teaching and am constantly learning and growing every day. 

In the Russellville School District music curriculum, students will be singing, dancing, trying out musical instruments, and learning the basics of music reading to carry them all the way through to the upcoming grades. The curriculum includes six units and public performances. This includes the process of learning certain musical instruments such as recorders and keyboards. The children in elementary music will also be taught about how to properly sing in small choirs and perform in musicals. They will learn about music history and certain musical sound elements. Incorporating music in elementary schools teaches students how to appreciate the value of music while increasing learning opportunities in all areas! Music expands brain power while creating an upbeat place to learn!








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